When it comes to med school, you pretty much take care of your letters of recommendation. If you're in school and have access to pre-health advising, that office willl likely handle your letters, with one letter probably coming from your pre-health advisor. Usually, your recommenders will write one letter that the advising office will copy and send to your list of schools.
If you are a returning adult, you may have to take care of all the requests and letters yourself.

How it Works
Letters of recommendation for medical school work much the same way as any other such letters; you will have much better luck if you approach your potential recommender with a copy of your resume, transcript, and personal statement. Try to make an appointment to speak to the person to explain about the various schools to which you are applying, and to make your case.
If you have been out of school for a while, you should try to get at least one letter from a former professor. Medical schools are interested in your character, your desire to be a physician, your academic preparedness, and your intellectual ability. Don't ask for a letter from someone famous unless you know that person well.

Remember Me?
Although many returning adults feel awkward approaching professors they might not have spoken with in several years, most are pleasantly surprised to discover that professors tend to remember their students, and most are happy to write letters of recommendation. Both current and former students should also consider asking for letters from doctors with whom the have worked or done volunteer service. If you are applying to osteopathic school, you must have a letter from a D.O.
Once you discover how painless it really is to get a letter of recommendation, you may be tempted to go into overdrive on the theory that inundating the committee with reams of stationary will force them to recognize your obvious worthiness. Resist. Do not send more letters than the school asks for. The committee will not read them, and you will not have done yourself any favors.
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