Welcome to Cyber University, a leading provider of preparation courses for physician education at the graduate, postgraduate and undergraduate levels.

Cyber University offers courses to prepare physicians to pass their specialty credential exams in 35 medical specialties, anesthesiology, cardiology, neurology, etc.

Cyber University will provide the means for distant learning to enable the leading medical schools to offer their best pre-clinical courses to other medical schools in the US and other countries.
Cyber University also offers a wide range of continuing medical education (CME) courses. These are available on-line, on CD-ROM, video, audio and text.

For medical students we offer exam preparation courses for USMEL 1, 2 and 3. USMEL exam preparation courses are also available for foreign doctors.

For the aspiring physicians, preparation courses are offered medical college admissions tests (MCAT). Lists of medical schools and links to their web sites are also provided.
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